Some Nice Comments From Carly and her Fans

I was happy to find that Carly is blog-posting and has congratulated me on the movie sale. Here she is, writing from the Vineyard lastg month, with a number of her fans responding about the book.

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June 11, 2008

Girls Like Us

Good afternoon dear fans,

Gls1 I am so very delighted that you have read some of my posts, my meanderings into the tiny tiny place that I take up on this Earth. My goodness, the size of the universe is appalling enough, but the fact that even the smartest of scientists can’t fathom it.

I was wondering if any of you have read “girls like us” and what you think of it?
I’ve dipped into it but gingerly, like picking up a phone in your house when you know your mother and father are on the phone with the principal of the school talking about some academic issue that could get you suspended.

It was just sold for the movies! Go Sheila! I think she really did a great job with the book and I’m wondering who will play me? As a ten year old, in love with Lauren Bacall, I always prayed that I would play the part of her in a movie when I got older. I would pose in front Gls2 of my mirror and try to pull my waist in thinner and thinner, as I puffed on a fake cigarette and narrowed my eyes.

Now there is the possibility that someone would play me. So weird. What do you think?
Flipper? Lassie?

I’m just watching Alanis Morissette on the View and she’s saying to Barbara Walters everything I have ever said in interviews about my writing. I want to talk to her and tell her I am she. I feel the same. If anyone is in contact with her, would you tell her that Actually, she could play Lauren Bacall!!

With all that, I say, love to you today, Carly


Hi Carly,
I have read “girls like us”. In fact, I finished it and then started back at the beginning and re-read it. I just didn’t want to miss out on any of the details! I was fascinated by the biographies, but it also brought back so many memories for me. It’s remarkable how women’s lives have changed and you, Carole and Joni played such a big part in making that happen. Thank you so much for participating in the book and for being so open and willing to share so much of your life with us, your devoted fans! I think that takes alot of courage – but then, courage is what you’re about. My very best to you and your family. Anne

I loved the book, and I thought that Sheila did a great job. Some parts of the book are very touching and emotional, like the part where you tell James that it would be nice to just be on the phone with him, even if you weren’t talking.

After reading the book I couldn’t help but think that there are more stories to tell, or that the stories that were told could have been broader in their coverage and scope. So I came away thinking that Carly Simon would write an awesome, interesting and thoroughly captivating autobiography.

I think Alanis Morissette is great and awesome, and I hope you get to talk to her. I think the two of you would make for great friends!

Hello Carly. For years I have dreamed of walking into my Barnes & Noble, or any bookstore, and seeing a book on the shelf about you. I have seen so many biographies on so many other artists, so I have always wondered why no one had written one about you. When I heard about Shelia Weller’s book, I couldn’t wait for it to be released. I am currently about half way through the book, and though I do also like Joni and Carole, I feel that the book goes much more into detail about them, and not as much about you. I am, however, greatful that Ms. Weller included you in her book, and that you were open enough to the idea to communicate with her, though Joni and Carole did not. However, I would still prefer a book based soley on your life. Maybe someday someone will see the need to do just that!!!

Dear Carly,
I couldn’t read “Girls Like Us” fast enough! Reading about how you and Joni and Carole shaped history, or were shaped by it, brought back so many memories for me about where I was,and with whom, when I heard “that” song.
My daughter’s name is Lucy and so I keep listening to “You’re the Love of My Life” over and over. When you sing, “I Love Lucy”, somehow Lucille Ball isn’t the one. Also–listening to you and Sally and Ben sing, “You Can Close Your Eyes” –the harmonies of your voices–is spectacular. (I can’t think of the name of that album as it’s been in my car CD player since the day I bought it.
OK–here is a very strange confession. My grandparents lived on Iselin Avenue–their back yard backed onto yours. One day, I was visiting and I found the Fieldston phone directory. I dialed your number, without any idea of what I was going to say to you (I was probably 14) and a housekeeper answered. I remember I told her that I was a fan and my grandparents were neighbors, and I loved the swing hanging from the tree on your front lawn. She was very kind to an adolescent fan. I was able to tell my friends that I had somehow felt like I’d known you…but we all do, through your music and lyrics and relationships that we’ve formed with you in our own minds.
Thank you for the gift of you, wrapped up in a song (s).
Most Sincerely,


I am 47, married , and the mother of a 7 year old autistic beautiful son. I have quietly admired you for as long as I can remember. I read a review in the paper about the book”Girls like us” and went out and bought it that day. It was really wonderful and brought me back in time. The book only made me admire you and the others more than I already did. It’s a funny thing all of us out here feeling as if we know you because your music was a part of our lives. You should be happy about the book it serves you well. Not one of us escapes the trials and tribulations of life and to know others we like have to also muddle through at times empowers us out here. Thanks, be happy and take care. Kelly

I am about halfway through Girls Like Us. The three of you – yourself, Joni, and Carole, really did change the world for women, but in such different ways. Musically obviously you all three had great impact and influence. But I felt like you were so much more confident in yourself as a woman, and that is how you stand out amongst the three women in this book. Carole and Joni were still trying to fit into the world as it was – trying to conform to other’s expectations of them, being “good girls” – evidenced by Carole’s early marriage upon finding herself pregnant, and Joni’s giving up her baby as an unwed mother. But there you were, practicing birth control, enjoying your sexuality, unembarrassed, uninhibited, unafraid to be sexy on the cover of No Secrets, and even as a young mother on Playing Possum’s cover. Your example was very liberating to a whole generation of women. Thank you Carly!

Dear Carly,
I read the book over the course of about 3 days during April school vacation week. I couldn’t put it down! I agree with the above poster that you appeared so much more confident during your teen and early adult years than did Joni and Carole. Do you suppose it was because of your older sisters? The book left me so appreciative of what you, Carole, and Joni did to blaze the trail for the women of my generation (I’m 42). Your songs have been provoking my thoughts and guiding my actions and responses since I was a teenager. I’m loving your new CD and so wishing I could make it down to the Vineyard for the signing on Saturday. I’m doing what I can to promote it verbally and have given many as gifts. Unfortunately I live in the sticks of Western MA and there are no radio stations here to make requests of! Thanks again for all you do and happy summer!

What a wonderful read “Girls Like Us” is!
Very honest and in depth – and didn’t I hear that you were the only one of the 3 who contributed by interview?
For those of us who have enjoyed Joni Mitchell’s, Carole King’s and your artistry and could never read enough about your magical lives, this book is a gift. So interesting to read of how you all began your careers.
Thank you for all your work! Your new CD features more heartfelt songs and a more mature voice.

Dear Carly,
Lassie and Flipper were 2 of my favorite shows when I was a girl! You funny girl! Proubably one of my first albums was Tapestry. I also have many Joni albums. But when I found you at about 12(I’m 49), you are the artist that I feel very conected to. You are genuinely, loving and warm. These recent blogs are a perfect example of that part of you that we all love! Well, I have given this serious thought. Who would be the right person to play you? Listen to Colbie Callat(“Bubbly” topped the charts)CD is COCO.She is a young singer/songwriter.Nice voice and I thought of you when I saw her. I like her style. Justine Bateman (Family Ties) she is not as pretty as you, but looked alot like you when she was younger. Jessica Beil, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette. I went to college with a girl that looked alot like you. I asked her if anyone had ever told her she looked like Carly Simon? She had been told that before. There is a massage therapist at “Massage Envy” that looks alot like you in the 70’s. I think you should play you for recent years. There is only one you! You look healthy, beautiful and loved! Always ageless!
Take Care Love!
Lori H.

Hi Carly,
Who could play you? I think Sally should play you for the 70’s. It would be a very eye opening experience for her. Then you should play you for the ’80s on.
Jessica Biel would also be good, she has that devastatingly sexy but still classy quality that you have.

dear carly,

just today i received “girls like us” thanks to simon speaks. i am so excited about reading it and learning more about you, carole king and joni mitchell. i will be done by this weekend and will come back to post on it. it’s about time we have a biography of you. i am hoping for an autobiography….will we see one in the near future???

in regards to how shall play the carly role in the movie? your daughter, sally, you AND amy winehouse. wouldn’t that be fun!!!

thanks for blogging carly!

with heartfelt luv….raven

Hi Carly,
I agree…write a book about your life! Girls like us is great…but it would be even better if you wrote a book reflecting on your life…and throw in poems and recipes and doodles and all things Carly.
That would be awesome!

Hi Carly
I read Girls like Us and because I grew up listening to all the albums of the three of you, I was transported back in time to so many great memories of that era. It was a great read and I feel priveleged to have been exposed to parts of your life in this way! Your honesty and integrity are to be admired! Thank you for being you andfor great music over the years. Love and hugs – Kay (Australia)

Dear Carly,
I just finished “Girls Like Us”. Great book, and no offense to Ms. Mitchell or Ms. King, but your story touched and inspired me deeply and here’s why: despite all of the slings and arrows that have come your way your vibrancy, sense of humor,generousity, and love of the people around you shine through. That, Cheri, is no small feat. Thanks for giving this “anxious-but-still-doing-what-I wish” girl her life soundtrack to sing along with at the top of her lungs!
Much love and respect to you,

I just finished the book last night. Like many others, I could not put it down. I think Ms. Weller did an extraordinary job illuminating that fascinating time for all of us who might have been just a little too young to remember. The first albums I remember buying were by you three ladies, so it was so wonderful to be able to know the impetus behind each song and what you were going thru at the time. It should be required reading for any aspiring female singer songwriters out there.

You are amazing! I loved reading about your life in “Girls Like Us”. I decided to read about each of you seperately because skipping around back and forth is too much.
I read about you first though because honestly, your life seemed the most exciting. I’m sad that I’m almost finished reading about you, so I came to the internet to see what you are up to. It’s amazing how comforting books can be.
What a brave and talented woman you are and a real inspiration. I’m a songwriter and it feels good to know even very sucessful women have struggled. I’m looking forward to discovering more of your music. Especially now that through reading about you, I feel like you are a kindred spirit with all those great sexual lyrics. He-he.
Thank you for continuing to share your gift of music. Bless You!

P.S. I saw HeartBurn a few months ago and your music just made me cry it was so perfect. Love can be so heartbreaking.

I just finished Girls Like Us. Well, I was not really like the three of you . . . but you three were of my era and I remember the songs, the struggles and the awakenings of that time. However I read the book not for a trip down memory lane but because I’ve always been a great fan of yours. Keep singing, composing and being involved in good causes. I can’t wait for the movie.

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  1. I loved reading Girls Like Us and want to thank you for being so willing to reveal your life in interviews with Sheila Weller. As you said in a CNN interview, reading about your life’s events through others eyes can and must be a bit excruciating…..thanks for your bravery! I, like Mary Ann, skipped around in the book to continue on each woman’s individual story line. I finished yours first because I’ve always felt a kindred spirit with many of your heartfelt songs/lyrics. I am now 58(!) and this book and your story took me on a real roller-coaster of memories and emotions.
    I have to say I’m thrilled to actually be able to communicate with you via this blog!!! I have always been a fan and I saw you (finally) in concert in Ann Arbor, MI 3 years ago(Dec.) at the Michigan Theater.

    I can still see your album covers in my collection ……I was soooo envious of you then……but now I see you truly as one of us- a brave, talented, compassionate (as well as passionate), complex and loving woman who has tried to live life with honesty despite the struggles. Thanks again.


  2. Dear Carly Simon:

    I finally found “Like A River” on YouTube and listened and watched your video. Oh my God! My mother died last October (at 91 –I’m 60) and this song hit me right in the heart! I’m a puddle! I, too, will wait no more like a daughter; but I well understand that I will wait forever, like a river! What a beautiful video! Thank you for putting my feelings into words. I’ve cried and missed my mother, certainly, but this song really supplied a catharsis! Thank you!

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